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Short Inquiries

Contact me today to learn more about who I am, what I do, and how I can help grow your business

I specialize in logo creation, web design, editorial layout, marketing collateral and more! Ask me short inquiries below or use the Design Request Form  on this page if you are interested in booking a service.

Deadlines are dependent on designer workload and an estimated start date will be provided with a quote once the Request Form has been completed. 

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Thank you for your interest in using me as your graphic designer! Please complete the form below for your free estimate before we proceed. I will reply within 1-2 business days excluding US holidays. 

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Dr. Ben, Medical Professional

 Ashlee is the best! She is professional and fast! She not only designed our logo for our medical practice, she also created fliers, email templates, business cards, and posters for our health fairs. Anything you throw at her she will make it happen - and then some! I would certainly recommend her services to anyone who needs her design skills. As a matter of fact I've already recommended her to other businesses!

Doug, Comedian

Ashlee did an AMAZING job in creating flyers for my comedy show. She took my vision and went above and beyond. The flyers grabbed the attention of hundreds, which helped me sell out a 350 person room! Ashlee is responsive, friendly, and professional, and will give you exactly what you're looking for in your next project.

Bria, Beauty Supply Vendor

 Where do I begin? I hired Ashlee to design care cards and business cards for my hair extension line and that has by far been one of the best decisions and investments I've made thus far! VERY professional and responds to every email promptly. I had such a pleasant experience and can't wait to contact her again. If you ever need something done, no matter the occasion, you can count on her to get it done! Thank you soooo much Ashlee for all your help (and especially support) throughout this process, you've made everything so much easier! I look forward to doing business with you again.

Zak, Sports Columnist

I've used Ashlee's services twice and both experiences have been great. Once for a digital logo and once for clothing. Together, we brought my bland ideas to life - and on top of that, she's also incredibly nice. She kept a log of our interactions (which included her progress along the way), she was amazing to work with and I would recommend her to anyone.

Vanessa, Bride

Ashlee designed my wedding favor cards and did an incredible job. I had extra paper that matched my exact wedding invitations and I asked if she could incorporate them into the favors. She does excellent work and really captured the elegance I was going for. They came out perfect and were delivered quickly! Ashlee was professional and communicated with me throughout the design process. I really appreciated her creativity and personal touch that went into everything and look forward to using her again.

Miki, Fashion Consultant

Ashlee did a FANTASTIC job creating my website. She is a knowledgeable, skilled and the ultimate professional. Based on our introductory call, she had the perfect ideas for my intentions. For those of us that are novices, the idea of creating a website can be daunting, but in my collaboration with Ashlee there was an ease, generosity and most of all patience that made the process fun and rewarding. Thank you Ashlee, you rock!!!

Sharon, Pastor

Ashlee has a professional and excellent work ethic. She took my book, copy edited and designed the book cover that was published on Amazon. I am someone who tends to not speak perfect English - I write the way I speak. She edited my work and turned it into a wonderful piece of literature while still keeping the integrity and the authenticity of my work. I speak slang, have an old country accent and preach the word of God. She blessed me and helped me to become an even better author. I am grateful to God for her️. Blessings! 

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